August 25, 2015

Sea to Sky

The day was coming to an end and so the sun was singing in the sky. The beautiful location of Light House Park in West Vancouver surprised me with its new angles. Light was changing so fast that every five minutes you could see a unique painting in the same spot. At the end of the session I realize that the experience of being in this spot at this time was more valuable than the end result. 


Because I like filling my outdoor landscape paintings with every possible interconnection with the nature and the location, I use local water. This time it was salted water from the Pacific Ocean, it helps to preserve the colors and is quite challenging to paint with. Salted water even if it appears dry- is highly movable, so lifting watercolor techniques are most welcome with salt water. You can erase colors, substitute color with lighter shade.

Also, be patient, with this painting the first layer of paint had a life of its own, still moving and spreading even after half an hour of work. Working with different types of water is one of the fascinating qualities of watercolour painting, add the changing light of the day and different elements that are out of your control with plein air painting and you will discover the wonder, frustrations, and adventures of painting outdoors.

I enjoyed outdoor experience this time, seeing sun setting and new colors being born.