"Let all what you do be done in love..."(1Cor. 16:14)

Right now look around yourself, the space is full of blessings, little and big, everywhere. 

I painted for as long as I remember breathing, searching beauty all around, using my heart and imagination as tools. At an age of 8 my mother brought me to an art school, there the kindest teachers taught me to translate inner perception of this world onto visible surface. This process is undertaking and interesting, never-ending. Classical academic program at Fine Art College in Penza, Russia gave me strong foundation in theoretical and practical canons of representing form. I moved in Vancouver in 2009 and... fell in love... with the mountains and the lakes, and the seawall, the nature and people, the air, the sky and flowers. My path is taking me back into invisible part of creative process, where He is the pilot.

Right now look inside yourself, the space is full of gifts, little and big...


If you would like to see the studio where I teach beginner,
intermediate, and advanced art classes please visit:
 Vancouver Fine Art Atelier.