If you have your own idea for the painting, or you want to get unique gift for your loved ones, commission painting is a great solution! Contribute with an artist and you will feel like one.

 I am currently available for painting on commission base. For any information regardless my process, estimate prices  or to discuss your ideas, please email me
Terminal Avenue. 90"X90" Acrylic on Wooden board. Commission for Vancouver Express.

Commissions for Malka Pischanitskaya.

 Works below are 6 of 11 paintings made with acrylic and charcoal on canvas approx. 60"X40". They tell us Malka's story of 12 years old Jewish girl going through The Second World War. Conceptual design by Malka Pischanitskaya, artist- Veronika Bekker.


Pen and ink commissions.

4 of 8 Illustrations for Sergey's book The Seventh sky .

 Commission for my hairstylist Olga Voropaeva.